We are eager to discover new artists and look forward to working with you. 

Please follow all instructions andfill out the contact form.
Otherwise, your submission will be ignored. 

As a publisher, ADK Records is looking for new artists for synchronization deals.

If you would like to submitt your tracks, fill in the contact form and send your tracks with weetransfert to adkrecords.submissions(at)

Please note that the production quality must be high for the tracks to be considered.

Don't forget to add all information for each song such as; 
Your name, songwritter name, artist name, suggested uses for the song, territories available for publishing.

Also, you can add your website, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc. 

As a record label, ADK Records accept demos.

If you want to submit your tracks;

Fill in the contact form and send your best track with weetransfert.

With weetransfert, use adkrecords.submissions(at) to send your files.

What we would like from you;
Your name, your position, band name, band members, other identifying information. 

Also, we would like to see your website, facebook page, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.

ADK Records prefers bands who are performing and improving their music. Music is better with time, so try not to send your first tracks.

Please note that emails with attachments will be ignored.
We cannot promise to reply to all but all submissions will be listened to.

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If you want more information, fill in this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All files submitted will not be used or reproduced in anyway without the artist's consent.