Terri Harrison


Healing Hearts


Terri Kiernan Harrison first started writing songs and music pieces at the age of fourteen.

Occasionally she writes lyrics for her music but on this album the music tells its own story.


Terri called her first published album “Healing Hearts” in the hope that her music would help to heal people, touch their hearts so they could find inner peace.


"I am very moved by injustices, by marginalisation, by social exclusion and most of all by people hurting others.

My pieces tell the story of moments in my life when I could not understand how life could be so cruel.

I never used to let anyone hear my pieces as I was afraid they might see inside my soul. I truly believed my music was my life diary and no one would want to listen to it.

"If anything touches my heart deeply, I have to express it through music. My greatest desire is to think someone will hear my music and that it will touch their hearts and give them some comfort, pleasure, or simply enjoyment. I will go on writing and playing for as long as the Gods that might be allow, and never take for granted the gift I have been given."


Producer and engineer Alwyn says:

"I have never felt so priviledged working with someone as with Terri. Her music is loaded with so much genuine emotion that I was incredibly flattered and honoured that Terri would share these personal pieces with me. Terri is a wonderful person who exposes her soul to help others. I find it hard to express how much I admire her and enjoy her music."

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 Produced & Mixed by Alwyn Walker - Mastered by Darrell Walker - Recorded at Westland Studios Dublin